[Harp-L] Looking for article Winslow posted called, "the taming of the shrill"

captron100@xxxxx captron100@xxxxx
Tue May 28 13:45:28 EDT 2019

Winslow, years ago on harp-L u posted a great link to an article from a source called EMusician.  It was about EQ'ing and was called "The Taming of The Shrill". I had saved the link in a file ( https://www.emusician.com/tutorials/emusic_taming_shrill//) but when I tried to email the link to a musician friend, I discovered it said 404 error/cannot be found.  Might u be able to direct me to this article?   Thanks in advance and thanks for all of your informative posts thru the years.ron - FL Keys

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