[Harp-L] unusual release

Mick Zaklan mzaklan@xxxxx
Sat May 18 12:23:48 EDT 2019

   One of the more unusual CD releases this year is from 92 year-old jazz
guitarist George Freeman; titled "George the Bomb".  George has been
playing bebop and blues-tinged jazz around Chicago for about 75 years now
and has gigged with Charlie Parker, Coleman Hawkins, Sonny Stitt, and
Richard "Groove" Holmes among many others.  For some reason, he chose to
make a blues record this time around and chose harpist Billy Branch and an
accordionist for accompaniment.  A bit quirky.
   Now, I don't usually think of George as a blues guitarist but Billy
Branch seems to be having a good time here and Billy rarely get mentioned
on harp-l, so I'll post this live version of one of the tunes featured on
the CD:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87NsXt-mE40.  Billy gets to
stretch out a bit and how many 92 year-olds are still gigging and
recording?  I find it kind of inspiring.

Mick Zaklan

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