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Sat May 18 10:09:46 EDT 2019

For starters, the best rotary tool for working on reeds is not a Dremel.  A Manicurist Rotary Polisher is much better.  They can found here on eBay for about $30-$40. This not exactly what I have but close.


After you get one of these, the best bit for polishing reeds is a Shofu Brownie.   You can find them here:


The best bits for tuning reeds are Polyurethane polishing pins offered by Dedeco. You can find them at www.dedeco.com, or surprisingly,  when I searched for them I actually found them listed at Home Depot.   Dedeco makes dental tools which are great for working on small parts, but apparently their availability at Home Depot leads me to believe that harp techs are not the only ones to get creative with their use.

So, for less than $100, you can outfit yourself with a tool and enough bits to last you for years.  If you only want to tune a couple sets of reed plates you might not be able to justify spending the money.  But, if you work on a lot of harps it is well worth the investment.   I have two of these set up in my shop plus four Dremel type tools with different bits so I don't have to waste time changing bits all the time.  

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