[Harp-L] Misirlou on harmonica

Gary Lehmann gnarlyheman@xxxxx
Fri May 17 20:48:54 EDT 2019

Hi gang,
I  tuned a harmonica to *double harmonic major *and was not quite sure what
it would work with--turns out it works for the tune "Misirlou" which we all
know from the Dick Dale version, which was in Pulp Fiction.
Here is a video I made demonstrating the harp.
This tune is usually played in D, but DD plays it in E, so maybe I can get
away with playing it in C. We will see . . . I haven't mastered the draw
bends for the ascending chromatic fragment going into the Bridge, but the
harp is fully chromatic with draw bends.
I might try to retune a solo tuned harp to this tuning, again, we will see
. . .

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