[Harp-L] Re. Easttop Brendan

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Fri May 17 17:08:29 EDT 2019

Hi Robert, re. your post enquiring about reeds: we do sell individual reeds
for the Lucky 13 here:



There is a video on that pahe showing how to replace the reeds. But if you
prefer to hand the job to someone else, Gary Lehmann and Burke Trieshmann
can do it for you. They have reeds for most Luckies. Their details are here:






Brendan Power

www.x-reed.com <http://www.x-reed.com> 

www.brendan-power.com <http://www.brendan-power.com/> 

www.youtube.com/brendanpowermusic <http://www.youtube.com/brendanpowermusic>



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