[Harp-L] 15-20 watt harp amps

Boogieman Peeps boogiemanpeeps@xxxxx
Wed May 8 06:23:23 EDT 2019

I have a 50 watt Meteor and a 40 watt Fender Concert that I use regularly
for gigs, but have found the need for something in the 15-20 watt range
lately.  Some stages or venues just aren't conducive to larger amps.  Who
is having good results from theirs and can give a recommendation?  I don't
use pedals and I only play blues so that should be part of the evaluation.
Curious to see if anyone has experience, both pros and cons, on the
Mission  Tweed DS20-Pro Mod +20 watts?  Line out seems to be an issue of
having the sound man too involved if you have a small amp (5 watt like I do
with a Champ clone). Open to any and all suggestions.  Thanking you in

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