[Harp-L] Chordomonica II Cham-Ber Systems

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> Hi Leo,

When you're assembling the slide assembly, take note of the holes in the
blanks.  If you look closely and in the right light, you'll see that the
holes' edges are sharp on one side of the blank and rounded on the other
side.  (The tool that stamps these holes rounds the upper edge as it passes
into the blank and leaves a sharp edge and slight burr as it exits.)  You
can feel the difference between the two if you slide your finger along the
holes.  The side with the rounded edges should always be facing and in
contact with the slide.  This provides smoother slide action and is less
wearing on the parts.


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Leo, I don't know that a manual exists for this. There are two channels,
two slides, two blanks and one mouthpiece. I believe that the primary slide
is closest to the comb, secondary slide is above it.
1.) mouthpiece
2.) channel
3.) secondary slide
4.) blank
5.) channel
6.) primary slide
7.) blank

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