[Harp-L] Satan And Adam film

Ross Macdonald pdxharpdog@xxxxx
Tue May 7 11:20:33 EDT 2019

I was at the theater screening of this film last night in Portland, Oregon. The audience was made up of blues lovers, and craft film aficionados.

Over the years I have seen many music biopics and documentaries, but I have to say this was not only the best musical documentary I have ever seen, it's right up there with the best movies I have ever seen. 

Great story lines - great film techniques, expertly capturing the energy of music on the streets of Harlem in the 80's and all of its raw intensity, as well as the heartbreak, joy and gratitude captured from all of the key players - (and there are more key players than just Adam and Sterling) - all leading to ultimate resurrection. I will admit to tearing up at multiple points in the film.

Hats off to the film maker Scott Balcerek for his work in making this beautiful story come to life, and to Adam Gussow and Sterling Magee for having the balls to let their musical passions overcome their fears in order to live this great musical story. Don't miss it.  I understand that it is now available on Netflix, according to Adam. 

Ross Macdonald


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