[Harp-L] B Radical

Stephen M Escamilla boogieblue@xxxxx
Mon Jul 22 11:27:32 EDT 2019

To all the harp brothers who responded on the Harrison B-Radical Harps.
Reason for not playing them is the Horner Special 20 's are my favorite Harp.
They feel more comfortable in my small hands and after  I replace the original combs with custom combs ,plus changing the reeds they play smooth , warm and like I said comfortable in my hands.
All three have the word Boogie engraved on the original Black covers.
Each in the original red bag in leather sleeves stored in the original canvas bag.
Since getting such a good response I've decided to hold on to them until doing more research and will most likely not split them up.
Thanks again Aloha

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