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His mistake was getting his projects out of order.  IMO, he should have minimized his early investment and concentrated quietly on developing his reed-fabricating process. This is the most difficult and risky sine qua non for a harmonica startup.  With reed-making in hand, he could have then taken on mechanical design of the comb, reed plates and covers with their larger investments in special tooling.  After that he could have publicized it.  Last of all should have been taking orders and money.

My understanding was that he used almost a reverse of that sequence.  If I am correct, it was more of a failure of planning than of adverse circumstances.  I was put off by his blatant puffery.

He let his order-taking get far ahead of his ability to make harmonicas. It appeared that difficulties with his secret reed-making process slowed deliveries.

 I was put off by his blatant puffery.


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> Seems like Harrison was on track - invested a lot of his own and was given a "guaranteed" loan from the bank - bank reneged, leaving him to pour everything he had left into the business, but it wasn't enough.....manufacturing equipment was auctioned off a long time ago - pennies on the $.
> I own one and it is a thing of beauty and wonder.
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> I friended him most of a year ago—
> I didn’t put money into a Harrison, but was tempted. 
> He tried— but it blew up in his face, I don’t think he was charging enough money for the harps.
> I think he wanted to do a good thing—one has to wonder, what about all the manufacturing infrastructure, where has that gone?
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>> play it out.
>> be his friend
>> then ask for accountability.
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