[Harp-L] Tony Eyers Trio play Dorrigo by George Jackson

Tony Eyers tony@xxxxx
Wed Jul 10 03:54:13 EDT 2019

The Tony Eyers Trio take their Seydel Major Cross harmonicas and play "Dorrigo" by George Jackson.

The tune is named after the wonderful Bluegrass and Old Time music festival held every October in Dorrigo, Northern NSW, Australia. I first met George at this festival in 2007. He was around 18 then, and already an excellent fiddler. He now lives in Nashville, and plays with the best. Composing a memorable tune is a rare skill, displayed 12 times by George on his "Time and Place" debut album, which includes "Dorrigo".

You can see it here https://youtu.be/zoVvvI6qIOs

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