[Harp-L] Who would like to give me lessons on how to overblow

Laurent Vigouroux laurent.vigouroux@xxxxx
Sun Feb 10 15:04:26 EST 2019

The Iceman wrote :
<<That is: tongue position for 4° = tongue position for 4'.>>
Disagree - it is ALL about the tongue position for each note created through all bending techniques. Problem seems to be that most do not sensitize themselves to the small adjustments to that "lump" in the tongue - missing out on the micro adjustments needed.
However, 4' is a good starting point to discover the micro adjustment needed for that 4 OB...
also, there is just a tiny bit more of initial impulse energy needed to begin that OB.
Once again, it is the ability to understand and feel these micro adjustments at position and energy used that is so important to owning all the notes created through bending techniques. »
Actually I don’t think so. From my experience a proper tongue position on a the 4’ allows to obtain the 4° just by reversing the breath.
I’ve just made the exercise again and I really don’t think I do anything but reversing the breath. But to do that I really need to have the exact required tongue position, which is not easy when playing a real tune and not a specific exercise.
And also, if my tongue position is good, I can play 4’,5’,6’ and then 6°,5°,4° in two single breathes (one drawing and the other one blowing). I play on a Lydian tuned harp, which explains the 5’ 😊
But anyway, this is great if we agree that the player must start from the 4’ position to play the 4°
Happy harpin’
NB1: I believe it really is a matter of “perfect” position and that it is rather normal to have to micro-adjust as long as the muscle memory has not fully spot it. And it requires also muscle strength.
NB2: It is a lifelong work
NB3: I do play on an extremely well setup harp (a Brodur/Charlier), and this counts a lot

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