[Harp-L] Who would like to give me lessons on how to overblow

Laurent Vigouroux laurent.vigouroux@xxxxx
Sun Feb 10 11:48:17 EST 2019

Hi all

Chris Michalek (rest in peace) really helped chromatic playing being better known and understood. He was a really innovative guy.
I haven't tried the the straw trick, but it looks similar to a trick I've used myself: whistle a note than lower it. The position of the tongue changes. This is what you need to do for overblows.

Regarding doing the 8 blow bent and reproduce this position for the 6o, this is actually not fully correct. We've discovered since that time (Chris recorded the video 10 years ago) that the secret was that the position of the tongue for most overblows was actually exactly the same as the one of the opposite bend.

That is: tongue position for 4° = tongue position for 4'.

The other big discovery is that only 4 tongue positions are required to produce all the bends and the overnotes!
Here is a tab explaining it (sorry it is in French), each position has a color code.

You'll see that (if we talk about tongue positions):
4° = 5° = 6° = 4' !!!

And that's the big secret to really master overblows.

I've tried to give some inputs in a video on youtube. I should make another, better one (explaining better the tongue positions), but here it is still:

You can activate caption for English translation.

Happy Harpin'


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    On Mon, 4 Feb 2019, Richard Hammersley wrote: I want to learn to overblow.
    Here is a video which contains "the secret to overblowing", and is said to always work and never fail. Using a C 
    harp: The title is "12th pos. The secret to overblowing & bending notes pt 1". The straw technique explanation starts at c. 5:25.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys86fFfylRw .  

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