[Harp-L] HarmoniCollege 2019 is 2 months away

James Brill Rumbaugh jrumbaug@xxxxx
Sat Feb 2 09:38:14 EST 2019

HarmoniCollege (8) 2019 with “professor” Mike Caldwell

HarmoniCollege 2019 will be Friday April 5 & Saturday April 6

Mike Caldwell will be teaching harp. Mike explained to me, “My goal and mission is to teach players how to be an enhancement to the music --- team players who contribute to the musical conversation without DOMINATING it. This will make them welcome additions to jams and sit-in situations rather than the annoying harp player who must be endured/tolerated. “

This year, Mike presents “Fix My Lick”. Pre-registered students can send Mike a song and he will make suggestions on how to play it. Registered students can send their requests to jrumbaug at xxxxx<mailto:jrumbaug at xxxxx> or directly to Mike  via:

EMAIL: kamikazeharp at xxxxx

CELL: (865) 438-5291

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/mike.caldwell.585

Requests received so far are:

'Apple Tree Swing’,   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyojEUrpeRg

“Faith, Faith, Faith”; by the Mississippi Kairos Band,


A review of “the major pentatonic and blues scales”

Private 30 minute lessons can be scheduled with Clint Hoover as well as Mike Caldwell for $50.

The fee is the same as last year. $70 covers the lessons, jams, and all your food. (up to 5 meals)

Room and bed costs are the same as the last 2 years. Rooms are $180, Beds are $120.

Room and classes are $250 total. Bed and classes are $190 total.

Jim Rumbaugh

The Harmonica Club

Huntington, WV


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