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Thank you very much for this information. It answers an old question for sure. If my
babbling did nothing more than get a few new listeners of Doug Tate's work it was 
worth showing my arse, as Doug would say! If a CD has been made I should take 
those tunes off Broadjam which I will do at the end of the week. Thank you again.

Jim K

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Thanks for posting this, Jim. A lovely reminder of Douglas' artistry.

Actually, this is not from Buckeye at all. It's from a performance in an English church that was posted by Barbara Tate on the web several years ago, after Douglas' death, and later, in cleaned-up form, included on a CD. The cough and applause at the end are identical. You probably downloaded it from the web and then forgot where it came from – no wonder you don't remember converting it to mp3 :)

The three songs are: 

Dark Island (actually "Dr Mackay's Farewell to Creagorry" but commonly known as "Dark Island" after it was used as the theme for a 1960s BBC TV series of that name, the dark island being Benbecula in the outer Hebrides. It was composed about 1958 by Scottish piper and accordionist Iain MacLachlan.)

 Chì mi na mòrbheanna (Scots Gaelic for "I See the Great Mountains") was  written in 1856 by Highlander and bard John Cameron. 

My Lagan Love,  a traditional Irish air from Donegal, first collected in 1903, with 20th century lyrics credited to various poets, including Joseph Campbell (no, not that one) and Joseph McCahill. English pop singer Dusty Springfield famously recorded this in the 1960s. 



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