[Harp-L] How much is Enough?

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Sun Aug 4 23:57:05 EDT 2019

It is my opinion that I (and perhaps others?) will accept a pitch that is within a max of 10 cents sharp or flat as being relatively in tune.  More than that is audible as a different pitch.  

I’m sure that may vary with context, of course.

> On Aug 4, 2019, at 5:43 PM, Robert Hale <ynfdwas at xxxxx> wrote:
> Since we harp players struggle at times with accurate pitch, my mind is
> running with curiosity for HOW MUCH off-pitch we will tolerate, accept, or
> approve?.
> Also factored in would be HOW LONG we stay on a note of questionable pitch.
> (Duration)
> Third would be cultural norms and boundaries about pitch in a musical
> context.
> (This is where one of my harp students would exclaim "You have too much
> time on your hands!")
> Has anyone seen research on these questions?
> Robert Hale
> Serious Honkage in Arizona
> youtube.com/DUKEofWAIL
> Robert at xxxxx

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