[Harp-L] Doug Tate Tunes

Jim Koryta jkoryta@xxxxx
Thu Aug 1 14:00:38 EDT 2019

I was cleaning things off the hard drive and came upon these three numbers
played by 

Doug Tate at a Buckeye Harmonica Festival, the exact year I'm not sure of. I

using a cassette recorder to grab them but can't remember how they got
converted to MP3. 

Or maybe I'm crazy and I downloaded them from some site later? Did Bobbi
Giordano put

them out there? The reason I think they're mine is that you can hear the
tape recorder being

shut off at the end. Very tacky but unfortunately something I'd do. I posted
them at the link 

below and they have been there for a little while. Not sure of the
legalities or illegalities involved. 

Don't mean to make trouble in any way but the hair still stands up on the
back of my neck 

listening to them and just thought others might want to hear them again.




Jim K.






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