[Harp-L] Me

Rick Dempster rickdempster33@xxxxx
Thu Apr 18 01:17:23 EDT 2019

Someone rang my wife up last night to say I was 'on TV'.
Well, I can't recall posting this on Harp-L before, but it's from an
Australian national TV show that has ceased, but they keep re-running bits
of it, including this, from 2010.
It is a music quiz show, and they usually have some artists on to play
something relevant.
We got some lyrics handed to us an hour or so before the shoot, and just
put them to some standard changes. This band is one I played steel in for
many years, but not much harp.
The washboard player was brought in for the story in the lyrics ie John
Lennon breaking a washboard over the players head in the pre-Beatles
Anyhow, I've found it on Youtube. If ya don't like, it's mercifully short!

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