[Harp-L] Music (harmonica music) in Zero Gravity - Vern?

Blunt White playharp@xxxxx
Sat Apr 13 09:54:47 EDT 2019

In Friday's Wall Street Journal there is a supplement titled The Space Issue, the Future of Everything, and an article titled "To Hear This Music Suspend Gravity."   It's about a contraption to make music in zero g.

The article opens with "pianos don't work in zero gravity."  It has me thinking will free reed instruments (harmonica) make a sound that can be heard in zero gravity?   I postulate yes and think harmonicas will be the perfect instrument for space travelers to enjoy, and to play.

I recall that one of the early astronauts carried a harmonica into space and played Jingle Bells so the question to some degree is moot, but if piano strings won't sound would guitar strings sound?   Looks like the harmonica will follow us off world, what an interesting thought.

Your thoughts?

All the best,
Blunt White
Stonington CT USA

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