[Harp-L] Backup Tracks :)

Robert Hale ynfdwas@xxxxx
Tue Apr 2 17:46:52 EDT 2019

DANG! Did I get snookered on April Fools day? Rats.
I'm putting that on my calendar for NEXT year! So I don't leap at the bait.

Robert Hale
Serious Honkage in Arizona

On Tue, Apr 2, 2019 at 1:52 PM JOSEPH LEONE <3n037 at xxxxx> wrote:

> I don't know as you understood what was happening here oh 'Lawrence of
> Haifa'. I thought from the start that this was a test. So I was going to
> let it slide without bloviating. BUT I keep trying to get out and you guys
> keep dragging me back in. lol. So here goes.
> I was born into a 3 room basement apartment in the slums. Clawing his way
> out my father moved from job to job. I have been to 11 grade schools, 3
> high schools, a trade school, and a jr. college. As soon as I made friends,
> I was ripped away. Between the u.s., Vienna, Trieste, Naples, Paris.
> Constant moving for 18 years.
> SO, I grew up a loner. I NEED the warmth, camaraderie, appreciation, and I
> have to admit..respect that I have gotten from my musical forays. I NEED
> positive waves. Playing with live musicians gives me that. I can feel the
> aura. Tracks are cold. They won't bend to my style. Not in real time.
> Ann Tarctica
> > On April 2, 2019 at 8:33 AM The Iceman via Harp-L <harp-l at xxxxx>
> wrote:
> >
> >
> > obviously you've never played with responsible and accomplished
> musicians in a band....playing live with these guys is much better than
> backtracks - backtracks are stiff, predictable and do not respond to your
> playing. Playing with good live musicians allows them to react in real time
> to what you play as well as teach you to react in real time to what they
> play.
> > sorry, but I strongly disagree.
> >
> >
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> > Backtracks are way better - then playing with a live band...If you think
> different - then you probably never played in a band before...Seriously,
> you can think of a million reasons to use backtracks instead of live
> musicians...Playing live or in a band is way overrated! Backtracks is were
> it's at, think about it,  have you ever met a musician that can play better
> then a backtrack - I didn't think so, case closed :)  I got some tracks you
> might like mate, shoot me an email....

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