[Harp-L] Backup Tracks :)

The Iceman icemanle@xxxxx
Tue Apr 2 08:33:07 EDT 2019

obviously you've never played with responsible and accomplished musicians in a band....playing live with these guys is much better than backtracks - backtracks are stiff, predictable and do not respond to your playing. Playing with good live musicians allows them to react in real time to what you play as well as teach you to react in real time to what they play.
sorry, but I strongly disagree.

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Backtracks are way better - then playing with a live band...If you think different - then you probably never played in a band before...Seriously, you can think of a million reasons to use backtracks instead of live musicians...Playing live or in a band is way overrated! Backtracks is were it's at, think about it,  have you ever met a musician that can play better then a backtrack - I didn't think so, case closed :)  I got some tracks you might like mate, shoot me an email....

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