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Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Thu Sep 27 16:52:30 EDT 2018

> > On Sep 27, 2018, at 6:05 AM, Richard Hunter wrote:
> >
> > I recall discussing these pieces with a musicologist, during which
> > discussion I came to the conclusion that Benton was double-transposing
> some
> > of his harmonica lines, i.e. transposing to a key, then transposing form
> > there to a final key.  I don't recall which documentation led me to that
> > conclusion.
> >
> I don't understand your explanation of "double transposing.

"Double transposing" means that he transposes twice: once from a particular
key to another, and then again to a third key from the second.  E.g. target
key is Bb. I transpose to F, then to Bb from F as opposed to C. People who
play an instrument in one key (like a C chromatic) and switch to another
key may find themselves double transposing, first to orient themselves to
the new key, then to transpose to the target. Gerry Mulligan said in an
interview in Downbeat that he tended to double transpose when he went from
Bari sax to tenor.

Thanks, RH

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