[Harp-L] 12th Position by accident

Fred & Sylvia fsstov@xxxxx
Tue Sep 25 16:00:18 EDT 2018

:<fssharp at xxxxx <mailto:fssharp at xxxxx> > wrote:
Last night at the open mic a Santana song was played.  When I asked the key,
I was told Am, then maybe C or F(?).
Does this song have a name?  That might help some of us figure out what the
challenge is.
regards, RH
Richard - It turns out the song is "Victory is Won", and is definitely in C.
While a low F in 2nd works, my accidental playing in 12th (what I originally
thought was 3rd) on a G harp was great and fit all the different chords
quite well - either position with solid easily-accessible major pentatonic
scale works well.
Fred S

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