[Harp-L] Artist Thomas Benton - His Harmonica History?

Blunt White playharp@xxxxx
Wed Sep 19 10:40:24 EDT 2018

Greetings - I've been asked to play harmonica at an Art Show opening of Thomas Benton's works (Benton is famous for murals/paintings depicting American life in late 1800's and early 1900's).   Benton was also a harmonica player and released an album in 1941 called Saturday Night at Tom Benton's (it's on iTunes).   I'll be performing with some other artists, guitar, fiddle etc.   An art historian will be speaking about his art.   Does anyone have a story about his harmonica?  Was there a particular song he liked, if so I would to play it.  I want to do right with this opportunity.  Thank you
Blunt White
Stonington CT, USA

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