[Harp-L] Musselwhite

Mick Zaklan mzaklan@xxxxx
Thu Sep 13 14:08:54 EDT 2018

   Haven't listened to the tune in question for years, but I was always
under the impression it  was in 4th.  It's always puzzled me why blues
players, if they use this position at all, use it only for minor key
stuff.  A lot of my standard 2nd position riffs transcribe over the 4th
nicely.  I use a G diatonic for regular E blues playing all the time.  I
think it's the most unused "practical" diatonic position for blues playing
out there.  Just my opinion.
   Speaking of Charlie Musselwhite, I see he's listed for a "Harmonica
Summit" at the University of Chicago's Logan Center:
Part of the Logan Center Blues Festival, www.loganbluesfest.org.  Matt
Skoller and Billy Branch are the other harpists.  Steve Bell, Carey Bell's
son, is also playing harp at the fest.

Mick Zaklan

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