[Harp-L] Harmonicas for state park classes

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Best way to start rank beginners is to have them breath through the harmonica - tell them no sucking or blowing. Put harmonica in mouth, hold with lips or teeth and breath in and out. 

Get each student a paper cup with water. Ask them to take a sip. Suggest that this is how to approach the harmonica.....bringing it right to your lips, resting on lower lip and tilting up 45 degrees or so. Mention that they wouldn't stop that cup of water a few inches in front of their mouth and then pucker reach for it with their lips, so do not do this to the harmonica either.

It's all supposed to be as natural and relaxed as possible.

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I have been asked to do clinic for beginner harmonica players at our local state park here in Virginia. I thought I would try not to reinvent the wheel and ask if anyone has done this? Where do they get harmonicas that could be given out? Do any of you have a proven curriculum? Probably an hour long class and designed to get people started. Probably kids in the class too. 

Thanks so much. 

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