[Harp-L] Why don't harp players learn all the notes and music?

Laurent Vigouroux laurent.vigouroux@xxxxx
Tue Oct 30 15:35:18 EDT 2018

Hello Steven

"But, to the point: There are a great many talented professional musicians (one might define "professional" as those who earn a living at it; or at least usually get paid for playing in public) who do not read music. The best examples, of course, are the Beatles (and Sir Paul McCartney STILL can't read music). The late great British sax player Bobby Keyes couldn't read a note, played completely by ear. "

Completely true. There are very gifted musician who can't read music. But they've most probably explored music by themselves and have a very good natural ear.

Learning music theory, playing with scales, etc ... are a good way of expanding your musicality.
That is, you'll play things you would not have imagined before.
This is a great tool to improve. This is not the only one.

My two cents (


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