[Harp-L] modes thread, an observation/ Google Group

owner-harp-l@xxxxx owner-harp-l@xxxxx
Tue Oct 30 10:17:51 EDT 2018

Since this thread began we have lost 10 subscribers.  Actually from
Wednesday the 24th of October until today.  Going back from there you have
to go to August 21st to get to 10 people leaving harp-l and in that time 
we had an aggregate gain.  No idea what this means.  We are still north of
2500 subscribers which is  more or less where we have been for years now.

Informationally,  the harp-l Google Group archive has stopped compiling. 
If you depend on it for reading posts just know that since the 20th of
October nothing new has been added.  I don't know that is broken, I
suspect Google has dropped the remote archive feature.  I'm looking into
it but I do not have a whole lot of hope of it resolving.

So this post is meta and as such should not be responded to on the harp-l
list.  Please direct any questions and or comments to me personally by
replying directly to this post.  Once in a blue moon, harp-l-listowner

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