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Jerome queries:

<<let's say on a G7 chord, I play G mixolydian, G Blues, then G dominant
bebop scale, then G semi-diminished, then G altered, then 5th mode of
harmonic scale, then G whole-tone scale, etc., then with D minor melodic
scale, then Ab major scale, then a Db arpeggio, etc
In which position or positions have I just played ?>>

Whichever position you choose to, as long as you can create the notes needed would be my answer.

Using OB/OD semi fluently, one could play all these G scales you mention in any harmonica position you like.

Once one knows where ALL the notes live, one can even discard a consideration of position (as defined by harmonica) and just play the notes. (Sometimes I do this and if someone asks me in which position I'm playing, I have to stop and think it out to answer).

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