[Harp-L] All this Positions and Modes stuff

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I believe that relying on scales is an early rite of passage towards musicality. Like so much "theory" in music, one learns it and then moves past it. 

Once you eliminate "scale thinking", one is free to pick and choose whatever note they like, but with a deep understanding of the ramifications of their choices.

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Yes, under the condition you oblige the musician to play only with major
The only problem is that no jazzman would stick to the major scale for an
BTW, as you know, Giant Steps was composed by a musician, John Coltrane,
who used to continuously play on parallel harmonic lines, mixing modes from
different scales (not only major scale), all kind of scales, changing tonal
centers, even when the harmony played by the band doesn't change.
I don't see how one can describe a Coltrane solo with positions (apart from
rendering the positions theory as complex as the harmonic vocabulary &
grammar, which would sound a bit absurd).



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