[Harp-L] Positions Modes and the Harp_L List.

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Sorry Michael I don’t use positions when I play and I'm glad I don't
They are a lock on the way to play and envision the instrument

Aongus : Most of the great musicians everybody admire have relative pitch (a pretty good one I would say)
As soon as you start working on your ears whatever you do that make you improve is good. So I wouldn’t focus too much on relative or perfect pitch
Just learn to identify what you hear (for instance a harmonica player using positions 😃) and sing what you hear and play (start simple)

David Herzhaft

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Michael Rubin's generous response to my dumb enquiry on the above topic and the response of others reaffirms to me what is terrific resource this forum is.

Dare I raise the topics of Perfect and Relative Pitch?  

David Lucas Burge claims that these skills can be learned. 

I invested in his CD course and think that he might be right. If I could be a bit more persistent I would know for sure.

Has anyone else established that Perfect Pitch is not just a God given gift only bestowed on the privileged few?


Aongus Mac Cana

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