[Harp-L] All this Positions and Modes stuff

Laurent Vigouroux laurent.vigouroux@xxxxx
Fri Oct 26 18:00:41 EDT 2018

Richard wrote:
« Again, thinking "positions" is a shortcut, and shortcuts can be very
useful.  You just don't want them to be the only trick in your bag. »

I fully agree and this is exactly my point.
The problem is that for lots of players this is the « only trick on their bag ».
They see the music through the prism of the positions and don’t learn music theory.
Again this is not a problem if they just want to play classic blues.

But it can prevent them from playing other stuff correctly.

It used to be my case. I learnt with positions and I had big difficulties to play outside of the I7 IV7 V7 (I even had a course with Winslow in the 2000’s about playing on other chords 😃).
I had to « unlearn » positions and learn music theory. Today I am really happy to be able to jam with rock bands in nearly any key(as long as the tune is not too complex). I don’t always play great stuff, but it fits the bill. I do change harps sometimes to benefit from the ergonomic of some positions, depending on the tune. So I agree shortcuts can be useful ! 

I think lots of players have the same problem I had. It really is a question of personal history and taste though.

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