[Harp-L] Jon Edwards Harmonica Models & Keys ?

Burke Trieschmann burket@xxxxx
Wed Oct 17 17:17:00 EDT 2018

 Hi Thomas:

Great you got to hear Jonathan Edwards last night!  He's always been one of my favorite rack harp players and several bands I've been in have covered his tunes.
I have had the good fortune the last couple years connect with him and take in many of his legacy harmonicas, many of which I replaced reeds, refurbished, optimized, retuned and sent back to him.

Mostly Special 20's, a few Golden Melodies, some Promasters, and the odd octave harp.  Since most of these were old dogs, I have made him several brand new fully customized tribute harps.
He probably plays the C harp the most, "Shanty" harps I think he called them.

I know he's been playing a unique "Tribute Edition" SP 20 custom in C with flash Marine Band classic open back cover plates I recently built for him on his more recent tours. 

These were fun to make and I'll probably be making a few more for him as needed.  I'll have to ask him, but I think he mostly puckers.   His new CD is great.  "Tomorrow's Child"

The song Rockin' Chair is in the key of G and I believe he is using a C harp.
Feel free to contact me off list for some pics of the customs I built if you are interested.  Hoping you got to hear one of them and it sounded "awesome".



Burke Trieschmann- Audio Producer/ Harp Tech
Open Door Productions/ Open Door Harmonicas


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Just saw Jon Edwards last night and I?ve been messing around with the harmonica for a couple of years. 
Two questions- I saw him changing harps often but it sounded to be mostly in the same key? I was wondering was he just using different models or was it something else I was missing?
Also, does he tongue block all the changes or is it mostly lip pursing?
Last question is Rocking Chair harmonica also in the key of C?


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