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Joseph Leone 3N037@xxxxx
Fri Oct 5 12:59:35 EDT 2018

Always giving accolades out ‘ Freely ‘ (no pun intended), and never blowing your own horn. That’s why you’re my heroine….. :)

> On Oct 4, 2018, at 10:00 AM, Michelle LeFree <mlefree at xxxxx> wrote:
> You are nothing if not an engineer's engineer, Vern. I bow to your creativity and ability to make difficult things look easy through technical wizardry. Unfortunately, you are one of a kind. We all don't possess sufficient technical knowledge and skills to even reproduce your innovations. That is one reason I am trying to provide affordable tools for "the rest of us.”

> I appreciate the time you took to review my post and congratulate you for designing your novel soldering system. I always ~study~ everything you write. Honestly you are one of a handful of my harmonica heroes. We need folks like you and Brendan Power to push the boundaries of harmonica technology. IMHO, we also need folks who can provide real-world solutions for the "journeyman" harmonica player who merely wants to maintain his investment in his personal instruments or to help a buddy who isn't able to do it for himself. There are a lot of these players and only one Vern Smith or Brendan power.
> I send all my well-wishes, admiration and respect until we meet again,
> Michelle

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