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Joe Filisko teaches “Skip to my Lou” in the kids’ program at SPAH.  No emphasis on single note melodies.  Just aim to have the melody note be the top one when you play a chord, and have fun.  Gestures help with breath direction.

I respectfully disagree with Vern’s advice about which gestures to use for breath direction.  Point away from yourself for blow (the direction that air is going through your harmonica (rather than theirs)) and towards yourself for draw.  It will be fine, either way, of course, as long as you state it clearly, gesture consistently, and don’t let conflicting bits of advice trip you up.

Tin Lizzie

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> I've been asked to provide harmonica entertainment at an upcoming senior
> citizens meeting.  I want to provide the group with harmonicas, and "try" to
> teach them to play a simple song.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a "fun"
> song that could be learned in a short amount of time?

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