[Harp-L] jazz blues improvisation

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It's based on the usual 12 bar blues.....as blues started to morph into jazz, quick change and introduction of ii-V substitutions in those longer measures of just one chord gave improvisers more chord changes to work off....so there are tons of tunes like this with slight variations on those ii-V's. You'd be surprised how many of those old standard blues tunes can be played using some or all of these additional changes.....won't sound as "gut bucket", but will still be fun and interesting to play/hear.

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I've been working on this jazz blues progression.  
C7/F7/C7/Gm7 C7/   
F7/F#dim/C7/Em7 A7/   
Dm7/G7/C7 A7/Dm7 G7/Does anyone have any suggestions of songs that use this structure?

David Pearce

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