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> On Nov 18, 2018, at 3:09 AM, Laurent Vigouroux <laurent.vigouroux at xxxxx> wrote:
> Hey hey
> I'm trying to educate my newborn daughter's ear thanks to Rick Beato advice and application.
> I'll tell you in 10 years if it works __
> Le 18/11/2018 03:51, « Harp-L au nom de F F » <harp-l-bounces at xxxxx au nom de franze52 at xxxxx> a écrit :
>    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=816VLQNdPMM
>    [https://www.bing.com/th?id=OVP.n3D4EU4dP5s8w6DuReXbSQHgFo&pid=Api]<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=816VLQNdPMM>
>    Why Adults Can't Develop Perfect Pitch<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=816VLQNdPMM>
>    I am responding to the hundreds of adult musicians that are mad at me for telling them the truth about Perfect Pitch. Unless you are a baby reading this, forget about ...
>    www.youtube.com
> So, I’m sitting in McDonald’s with a musician friend and this is what I came up with.
1… I’m assuming that the piano in the video was in tune. The boy picked the notes out. Amazing. 
2… BUT what IF the piano was tuned one note LOW or one note HIGH? Ok, I would STILL expect the boy to pick out the notes. 
3… BUT if he were a musician, could he play that piano? I suspect that at the very least he would be confused. As ALL the notes would be under DIFFERENT keys. 
3a. (me? I would use a guitar..much easier to change the tunings.)
3b. Would he be able to play a guitar that was ‘mis’ tuned one note high or low? The notes being on DIFFERENT  frets? 
4… What if we tuned to beTWEEN notes. In other words sour or sharp? In other words out of tune. What would that be? 50 cents up or down? I don’t know.
5… In that case, I would expect the boy to say “That’s not a Bb, it’s too high” and “That’s not a B, too low”. Or would he stare into space?

Scenario: 6 guys are sitting at a table in the lobby and having a jazz jam. 5 are playing C chromatics. 1 is holding a Bb. Michael Peloquin calls a tune in Eb. the 5 guys are 
having no problem playing the tune on THEIR C chromos. The 1 is having no problem playing that same tune in Eb. BUT he has to play in the F fingering. What’s THAT called?

Scenario: A fantastic ear player is playing a tune in F on a C chromo. He ONLY uses a C chromo. Another guy is harmonizing. The C player get this pained look on his face, 
is having trouble concentrating. Why? It turns out that it WASN’T because that second player was doing anything wrong. It was because that second player wasn’t playing the
same notes as the first player. And it was throwing off his ears.

I suppose that a person with perfect pitch has a note LOCKED into their brain and then everything is referenced from that. It is much better to have NO note locked into your
brain and have a free mind and adjust to ANY pitch change extemporaneously. And as far as pitch goes, if 440 is the current standard, what did people do when the standard was 
400? Aaargh. Instruments are never perfectly in tune anyway. Close but not possible. I can see the tuner move. It is never perfectly still. So from the time you tune something, it
is already going out of pitch. Imperceptibly..maybe. But still doing it. 

Just some cranial drippings. No offense intended. Use for educational purposes only. lololol.
smokey joe & the cafe’s (only one of which is still alive)  


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