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Laurent Vigouroux laurent.vigouroux@xxxxx
Sun Nov 18 03:49:58 EST 2018

Personally I don't think perfect pitch is a must have. Not at all actually. But an excellent ear is for sure a wonderful asset.
My ear was clearly very bad and I've had been working to educate it for years with quite poor results. 
A good boost in the childhood is most probably useful. At least I hope!

Le 18/11/2018 09:41, « harp-l-bounces at xxxxx au nom de dh at xxxxx » <harp-l-bounces at xxxxx au nom de dh at xxxxx> a écrit :

    Hey everybody
    I have been following the thread about perfect pitch how you should get it, why you should be ashamed if you don’t have it and most of all why adults can’t get it
    Now I'm happy to give you the most important link of all about perfect pitch - if you're in a rush between 2 cabs just scroll to 1:14
    Now this is really why you don’t need to worry about working on perfect pitch 
    Salute to Mike !
    David Herzhaft

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