[Harp-L] Going mobile - guitar headphone amp plus speaker?

Jim Konish jim.konish@xxxxx
Fri Nov 16 12:00:04 EST 2018

Hi everyone,

Every once in a while, I run into a casual jam situation with one or more
acoustic guitars, dobros, mandolins, etc.  Usually, I can match their
volume playing acoustically, but then I'm stuck playing at or near max
volume, with no opportunity to be subtle unless everyone else comes way
down.  Since I often have my harp case available but rarely lug my Blues
Junior around except for gigs, I've been thinking about something small
that I could just keep in my case.

I already have a JBL Flip 4 bluetooth speaker which produces surprisingly
good sound for its size, runs off a battery, and has an auxiliary input.
If I run a microphone (green bullet or something else) into a 1/4" female
to female adapter and then into a Vox Amplug guitar headphone amplifier (or
maybe the very cheap Monoprice version), then I can run a 1/8" audio cable
from there into the bluetooth speaker, and it seems like it would be a
halfway decent rig.  There's also the side benefit of being able to use the
Amplug for its intended purpose of practicing quietly at night with
headphones, and a recording to play along with run into the Amplug's aux

Does anyone else have experience with this kind of setup?  Does the Amplug
series just sound like a cheap transistor practice amp, or is it worth a
try?  I've also considered the Smokey amp.  Cost is similar between the two

Jim Konish
The Boulder Blues Mafia

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