[Harp-L] 3''' doesn't exist !

The Iceman icemanle@xxxxx
Fri Nov 16 11:46:38 EST 2018

we've known for years that the opposing reed is what actually gives you notes like this created through bending techniques.

IMO,, the K.I.S.S. approach to discussing harmonica would not want to make things more confusing than they already are by adding another layer of terminology, no matter how factual.

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3''' is not a bend not but an overdraw !
You want to verify ?
Open your harmonica in C, play a 3''' and then put your finger on the draw
Guess what ? you still hear the note !
Now play a 3''' and then put your finger on the blow reed.
Guess what ? you can't hear the note anymore !
Conclusion : you're not playing a 3 bent 3 times, you are playing a 3
overdraw !

For those who like this, you'll find a nice TShirt 3''' = 3° in my shop,
that will make you the king of the party ;-)

Funny, isn't it ?



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