[Harp-L] Overblows, Overdraws and the SUB-30

Tom Halchak info@xxxxx
Thu Nov 15 16:24:33 EST 2018

I am hardly an expert on harmonica theory but it seems to me that most who
use overblows and overdraws extensively still prefer to play in 1st, 2nd or
3rd positions and use the OB/ODs to duplicate licks in the upper register.
Hats off to those who can play in all 12 keys on one harp, but unless one
is really really good at it, in my opinion, some of the musicality is
lost.  There are only so many Howard Levys and Sandy Weltmans in the world.

Regarding the SUB-30, for those of you who still have an interest, I am one
of only a couple of guys who still work on them.  Burke Treishmann is
another.  Brendan could if he wanted to, but he has moved on to bigger and
better things – times 100.  I partnered with Brendan to make a custom comb
when the SUB-30 was first introduced in 2012 and I later developed what I
dubbed the External Valve Plate (EVP) which was an improvement on Brendan’s
Over-Valve Plate.  In the past two years I have upgraded both the custom
comb and the EVP.  I guess you can call them Version 2.0.  The improvements
evolved as more customized SUB-30s were put into the hands of players and I
received feedback.  Burke and I have been working pretty closely on the
continued progress.  He has been using my combs and valve plates and at
this point, with the precision components and expert reed work, the SUB-30
is a viable instrument.  As many have said, it was a great idea poorly
executed by Suzuki, but the development of aftermarket components and
custom reed work have kept it alive.  If you are interested, you can check
it out on my website.


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