[Harp-L] Adler

Aongus Mac Cana amaccana@xxxxx
Wed Nov 14 10:44:01 EST 2018

My understanding was that Larry Adler was "Done" by Mc Carthyism and that
when Genevieve was shown in the States that they could not give him the
music credits.

I saw him perform live once in Dublin where he held the harmonica in one
hand and accompanied himself on piano with the other. He also told stories
and gave the audience their money's worth.

It was a 78 of him playing Malaguena that got me hooked on the harmonica as
a teenager.

I think that Richard Hunter has got it right. Virtuosi are not always (or
even often) "Mr. Nice Guy". Even in the Irish Trad scene a couple of names
come to mind.


Aongus Mac Cana  

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