[Harp-L] Hiccups

David Fairweather dmf273@xxxxx
Mon Nov 12 12:51:10 EST 2018

This cure works immediately and is almost 100 percent effective.  I love it
because it seems so random - but it really works!

Take two Q-Tips and insert one in each year.  Not too far obviously,  just
inside a bit is optimal.   Then, using both hands, twist them lightly back
and forth in opposite directions until they start to tickle.  You're trying
to tickle the tiny hairs in your ear canal.  That tickle is what you want
to maximize.  Keep doing it until the tickling subsides (usually about
20-30 seconds.)   Your hiccups are now cured!  Works everytime.  Why?
Because you have distracted the pathways in your Vagus nerve.   You don't
have to believe it or understand it.  It will still work. Just try it.

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