[Harp-L] Octave effects

Ronnie Schreiber autothreads@xxxxx
Sun Nov 11 11:16:16 EST 2018

I agree with Richard Hunter that the Digitech RP series of multi-effects 
pedals are great deals, but if  you want to experiment with a octave 
device without popping for a RP, the Mooer Pure Octave has eleven 
different choices (1 up/1 down, 2 up/1 down etc.) and you can control 
the amount of upper and lower modulation and the wet/dry mix. I paid 
about $60 for mine.

I can get some nice organ tones out of it on the Harmonicaster, even 
without chorus and rotary effects, though adding those effects make it 
sound even more like a Hammond.

The Digitech RP pedals are a great way to try out effects and see if you 
like what they do and if a dedicated pedal for that effect makes sense 
for you. I like my Boss Katana amp with built in effects, but for some 
reason Boss only lets you daisy chain three effects so for some stuff 
you're still going to need outboard pedals.

Ronnie Schreiber
The Electric Harmonica Co.

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