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Dennis Michael Montgomery wrote 
I enjoyed it also, but thought it had a Celtic flavor.

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I enjoyed it. IMO, it had a lot of French flavor (Michel Herblin) to the harmonica part. Would be interested if you ventured into a solo over the section with the additional beat.

Thank you.  I am a big fan of Michel Herblin and am also fond of Celtic music so I guess I must have subconsciously drawn on these influences. I did consider extending the song into the break where I faded out but was not sure how to tackle it i.e. whether to copy the phrase or improvise a solo. It's worth another look.

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I've always liked the vibe of the song Golden Brown by The Stranglers and
have wanted to do it on harp for a while. It occured to me that one way I
could do it would be to load the backing track on Audacity then play along
and record the intro phrase and running riff as they occur in the song.
Next add the melody line afterwards over the top on audacity. In a similar
way I also chanced adding one verse of vocals. Played on a Key of A Richter

Golden Brown:- https://youtu.be/lhJsYlRgpmU

It was an interesting exercise and one I would like to try on similarly
structured songs. Stevie Wonder's 'Superstitious' with its strong
underlying riff would also be a good one to do like this. Any other

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