[Harp-L] Loose screws (on my Seydels, not in my head)

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Hi,Richard, from experience, screws do loosen up from time to time and periodically need to be retightened and I find that it's a good idea to check them out maybe once every other month, but remember not to over torque them. BTW, for those reading this, make sure the screwdriver you use for those reed plate screws is a Pozidriv #0. Sincerely,Barbeque Bob MaglinteBoston, MA

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Subject: [Harp-L] Loose screws (on my Seydels, not in my head)
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I recently wrote to this list to mention that I'd had a leaky Seydel
chromatic that turned out to have a lot of loose screws holding the plates
together.  Last night I was getting ready for some overdubs on one of the
tunes from my upcoming record "Blue Future," and my Seydel 1847 D harp
seemed uncharacteristically unresponsive.  I opened it up, and what do you
know: the screws holding those plates down were loose-ish too.  Tightened
them up, and the harp worked brilliantly.

I'm not in the habit of doing screw-tightening maintenance on my harps; I
guess I should be.  How frequently do the harp techs on this list think
that a harp's screws should be tightened up?

Regards, RIchard Hunter

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