[Harp-L] Follow Up on Overblow by Mike Rogers

Greg Jones greg@xxxxx
Tue May 15 10:35:16 EDT 2018

I'm very impressed to read about my good friend and customer Mike Rogers
who is studying under Michael Rubin.

It is practically a matter of offense to suggest that experienced players
take up private instruction.  And yet, Mike Rogers is doing just that and
he's surely going to take the joy of music and harmonica to another level.

It is unfortunate, that most likely 99% of the harmonica players out there
- especially beginners - will not seek out an instructor.  None of these
players would go buy a sax and learn from Youtube but the relative
inexpensive price of a harmonica seems to propel the notion that it is
relatively easy to play.  It is a very easy instrument to play poorly.

I think this contributes to the lack of respect for the harmonica that
comes from the established musical community.

Good on Mike Rogers for choosing an outstanding instructor and for
seriously pursuing his musical passion. I look forward to hearing his music.

*Greg Jones*
*16:23 Harmonicas*
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