[Harp-L] Ode To Joy revisited

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Fri May 4 15:57:51 EDT 2018

 bolziball wrote:
What do you think of it ?


I think the pitch of the bent note is close to on-target--not quite all the
way there, but close--and the sound of the bent note is easily
distinguishable from the others around it, every time it comes around.

In other words, close, but no cigar.  Not quite good enough for classical.

I doubt that anyone will ever make it good enough for classical.  I've
heard plenty of people try.  The physics of a bent note are different from
the physics of an unbent note.  You can hear the difference.  Every time.
As Vern has said before, process is product. Bending is a different process
from just blowing on a reed, therefore the product is different.

That said, the bending skills on display in this performance are more than
good enough for plenty of music in lots of genres. Just not Beethoven.

Thanks, Richard Hunter

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