[Harp-L] About hearing yourself...

Jordan Feldman bigmouthhorns@xxxxx
Sat Mar 24 12:02:53 EDT 2018

As a former horn section trumpet player who like, Michael Rubin has experienced, struggled for decades to hear myself on stage(floor wedges, even if you have one, is typically going to have other stuff coming through along with you and at some point as the volume of a gig goes up you’ll likely struggle to find yourself)I have  used the Rolls brand PM50S personal monitor.  It’s $44 at Guitar Center.  You plug your mic into it and send the output to the PA. Assuming there is a monitor send from the PA you plug that into the Rolls.  It has a separate volume control for your mic and a separate volume for the monitor send.  Both VCs only affect the headphone out volume.
Then a decent pair of earbuds for the headphone out.  This allows you to crank up your sound to your earbuds and keep the monitor send at a volume that doesn’t compete.  I used this set up for years until the band got an Aviom system..

> On Mar 23, 2018, at 7:42 PM, Robert Eberwein <reberwein at xxxxx> wrote:
> Forgive me for not looking through the archives. I am about to play
> with a large band (big horn section and I won't have a monitor) and I
> want to hear myself. Is there an easy to understand in-ear monitoring
> sytem that a fool like me could understand within a couple days? Or do
> I just plant myself in front of my Bassman and hope the soundman
> controls the feedback???
> Robby

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