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I think he posted on Facebook about this.

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I've  heard but haven't confirmed that PT Gazelle may be one of the





Buckeye 2018 Tentative schedule 02/15/18  (Likely will be tweaked)

Buckeye Harmonica Festival 2018, (April 19, 20, 21)
Main Stage (Griswold D) 
Thursday 6:30 PM, MC Mike Runyan?
2 Guitars, 1 bass, 30 fingers, 1 plectrum, 1 thumb pick:  Ray Dailey, Palmer
Moore (founder OFGC) & Jackie (?)
Buckeye Harmonicas
Charlie Barath (w/ Eric Noden?)
Harmononucleosis w/ Garrison Hagler
Peter Madcat Ruth 1
Mark Monroe & Friends w/ Country:Bluegrass Band
Friday 2-4 (Matinee)
Friday 6:30 PM, MC Mark Monroe?
Harmonica Hotshots: Al & Judy Smith
Harmonica Junction: Gene Hanson, Rudy & Doris Michelin, Al (& Judy?)Smith
Peter Madcat Ruth 2
Danny G & Harmonica Bruce
Joe Filisco & Eric Noden
Mark Monroe & Friends w/ Country: Country:Bluegrass Band
Saturday 2-4 (Matinee)
Al Smith's Clarinet Ensemble
Virginia Harmonica Club
New Jersey Harmonica Club
W Va Harmonica Club

Saturday 4 PM
Ballroom closed for sound check

Saturday 5 PM
Bob McFarlane dinner music
Saturday 6:30 PM
Copy Cats: Carl Rosetti, Alex Windmeyer, George Miklas
PT Gazell
The Fabulous Sgro Brothers
Enrico Granafei
Chris Bauer & Friends w/ Jazz Trio

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